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We are a global tech company specializing in the development of

family-friendly tech & early education.

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Here at  CLEVERWORLD™​ we strive to create comforting, immersive and enriching environments for the development of future generations. Our mission is to educate in a fun and interactive way; utilizing innovative and clever techniques that are both engaging and beneficial. We believe that early educational technology is imperative in the development of children of all learning styles and stages.

We captivate young minds by embracing inclusivity and wonder to create a 'clever' and more inquisitive world. 


Using this type of forward-thinking we can help parents and children alike engage with

family-friendly technology and early education like never before.


Please view the overview of our current available apps and apps in development.

Should you have any questions, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.









Pxmx Logo.jpg
Pxmx Logo Black.png

PXMX™ is a simple and entertaining app based on the fun mix style of retro photo mashup picture books. Bringing this back in a fresh tech (and hugely fun format), mix up combos of your favorite friends, loved ones, animals, monsters, and everything in between.

Pxmx Deck_Page_04.jpg
Pxmx Deck_Page_06.jpg
Pxmx Deck_Page_08.jpg
Adventures of Six, Cleverworld
six title logo lightshaddow.png
Adventures of Six, Cleverworld

The Adventures of Six is an educational storybook app. Launching with interactive stories about a mischievous cat named Six. Children will be able to interact with the stories while being quizzed along the way to help with memory & comprehension techniques.

Adventures of Six, Cleverworld
Adventures of Six, Cleverworld
Adventures of Six, Cleverworld
Adventures of Six, Cleverworld
The Adventures of SIX
Logo White Monsters Guide.png
Feel Painter Icon1.png
Feel Painter Final.png

Feel Painter is the original children's texture-painting app! It allows for endless fun through calming and creative expression with texture brushes. Some of the texture brushes include; Sand, Fur, Grass, Ice, Lightning, Mud, and Flour.

feel Painter art FINAL.jpg
Painter Sample_Cloud_IPAD.jpg
Painter Sample_Grass_IPAD_smaller.jpg
Feel Painter Home PHONE.jpg
Icon_The Goal Father3.png

Utilizing the theory of small monetary self-incentivization, accomplish and track your goals with this simple, effective, app. Be accountable to The Goal Father (and yourself). Disarm the daily countdown alarm in the same daily hour window, log your progress, and live to see another day (or be closer to your goal). Miss a day and lose a token and your goals swim with the fishes. Tokens are available for purchase and give you the simple incentivization needed to MAKE YOUR GOALS REALITY. With an easy-to-view calendar and daily log of notes, track and watch your progress.

goalfather iphonexblack.jpg
Artboard 3.png
Artboard 6.png
monsters test icon.png

Learn the planets through fun musical interludes guided by your space monster tour hosts. This fun and quirky take on learning about the galaxy leaves a lasting and engaging imprint on young minds.  Also includes fun games like gobble up the space junk!

Currently in development.

jupiter intro.jpg
earth intro.jpg
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Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 8.45.26 PM.png

In Development

Cleverworld™ is currently in various stages of development of multiple apps revolving around early education, innovation, and imagination.

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Zodi Icon Blue Glow.png
Zodi Icon Blue Glow.png

Currently in development.

Magic of the Zodiac

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